At a company driven by research and innovation, our people are our power.

At InterDigital, we focus our efforts on making our company a rewarding place to work for all by prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion, encouraging employee development, and creating a safe, healthy work environment that respects, values, and enables each of our colleagues to achieve their best.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do and celebrate the value each of these tenets brings to our research, innovations, and solutions. We are proud that our CEO and two of our independent board directors come from professional backgrounds. We also have an executive leadership team that comes from diverse backgrounds and varied experiences. We are focused on understanding our metrics and data and, throughout 2021, we will be focused on understanding our strengths and opportunities and developing a thoughtful diversity and inclusion strategy. We commit to reporting our progress on these efforts moving forward.

Human Capital Diversity

Community and Career Development

Fostering the career growth of our employees is critical to the growth of our business. We endeavor to ensure that our leaders of tomorrow are members of the company today. We have prioritized several strategies to foster an inclusive workplace that celebrates the diversity of backgrounds, styles, and thought, including standardizing and publishing diversity-focused recruiting and hiring practices and processes.

Leadership Essentials

InterDigital has established Leadership Essentials, a competency framework that details the behaviors for success at all levels within the company. The Leadership Essentials serve as a roadmap for employees to own their development, as well as a guidepost to the critical behaviors that shape our culture.


We are committed to our employees’ development and providing opportunities for training on management skills, leadership fundamentals, and topics related to health and wellness. We also provide educational resources and professional development opportunities for our employees.

Health and Safety

InterDigital has long built a culture based on health, safety, and employee well-being, and our COVID-19 response has reflected these principles. We implemented the IDCares hotline to capture real-time questions, comments, and feedback as a communication tool supporting our employees during the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, our employees have worked safely and productively from home. We created Project IDeal as a way to deploy a variety of safety, wellness, and engagement efforts to ensure we were creating as ideal of a workforce as possible. In addition, we provided time off and recovery from stressful remote work environments and fostered virtual connections through social and developmental events and launched our global wellness platform with a series of wellness offerings and learning resources.