We care for the environment and believe that climate change is a real threat.

As leading innovators in the wireless and video industries, we believe we can help companies in these industries adopt environmentally friendly practices in the design of products. While our research and business do not encompass manufacturing or raw materials sourcing & disposal, we are establishing a corporate sustainability strategy to invest in best practices to track and reduce our carbon footprint and implement a sustainable workspace program that will drive energy efficiencies and reduce the use of disposable material.

Thought Leadership

In 2020, InterDigital launched a sustainability initiative to quantify and explore solutions for tech’s growing energy footprint in wireless, video, and future innovative technologies. To accompany this initiative, we launched a sustainability micro-site featuring research reports from industry leaders like ABI Research and Futuresource, hosted industry surveys, and curated webinars dedicated to pursuing greater energy sustainability in technology.

The increased energy footprint that accompanies 5G, wireless networks, and video technologies will have environmental repercussions and has made environmental sustainability a significant consideration for the wireless and video industries. Significant growth in subscribers, devices, and video traffic is expected to generate higher levels of energy consumption in mobile networks, while also introducing capabilities that can reduce carbon footprint in other industries. By 2030, the power needs of mobile technology will double globally. We believe the wireless industry must do its part to manage its overall energy consumption, while also developing the capability to positively impact other industries. We plan to do ours.

Environmental Considerations in Operations

We have developed and continue to build policy regarding environmental considerations into our operations. We are reducing our carbon footprint by implementing measurement mechanisms and using this data to inform our decision-making. We are implementing a sustainable office program focused on decreasing energy usage and buying less disposable material, which will also lead to savings for the company. Sustainability and a vendor’s ability to track energy usage are also key considerations for us when we decide which vendors to work with, including data centers.

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