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Jun 26, 2012

InterDigital Presents at Wi-Fi Global Congress: Look Beyond Offload to Wi-Fi/Cellular Integration

Presentation, White Paper and Extension of Smart Access Manager to LTE Highlight Trend Toward Policy-Driven Integration Between LTE and Wi-Fi

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Although mobile operators worldwide are increasingly looking to Wi-Fi® offload technologies to meet increasing data requirements, that strategy is only a first step toward true broadband traffic management. At this week's Wi-Fi Global Congress in Seoul, South Korea, InterDigital (NASDAQ: IDCC) will present a new vision for industry-wide seamless integration strategies, accompanied by a technical white paper on Wi-Fi integration and a demonstration of an integrated, policy-driven Wi-Fi/cellular solution that can enable a wider range of innovative services, QoS mechanisms and tariff options.

On June 27, Narayan Menon, InterDigital's Vice President, Research and Development, will give a presentation outlining the network architecture and standards-based solutions for prioritizing and seamlessly managing traffic across disparate access technologies, including Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE. The presentation, "Effective Wi-Fi and cellular network integration: Alleviate congestion and enable cost-effective service delivery," will demystify emerging strategies such as application-based offload, policy-driven traffic segregation and bandwidth aggregation.

InterDigital's presence at Wi-Fi Global Congress is also highlighted by two additional events:

"With Wi-Fi offload, the wireless industry took its first step toward a vision that InterDigital has been developing for more than five years: a network of networks," said Mr. Menon. "At Wi-Fi Global Congress, we'll provide a roadmap and discuss a commercial product that should enable the industry to take the next step, where Wi-Fi is so tightly integrated with 3G/LTE cellular technologies that together, they provide a seamless, innovative and consistently great user experience."

To schedule executive briefings and SAM demos at Wi-Fi Global Congress, analysts and reporters should contact Patrick Van de Wille at The "Cellular-Wi-Fi Integration: a comprehensive analysis of the technology and standardization roadmap" technical white paper will be available at

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